Its Launch day!!!!Who have recieved their miroir lockit?

  1. Hey TPFers, thos who have recieved their miroirs, post modelling pics for us. Nothing entertains more than modelling pics. Have fun with ur new Miroirs!!!!
    :heart: Narkeasha
  2. Got mine thursday!
    Can't wait to see everyone elses pictures :yes:
  3. Waaaaaaaaah. I haven't received the call yet.:cry:
  4. Not just yet for me but it's early!
  5. Got my call Thursday. My boutique is out of town, so the bag will be paid for today, shipped tomorrow, and I will have my silver lockit on Tuesday! :yes:
  6. Same here, the bag is being rung today and will be fedexed overnight so i think i will have it tuesday!
  7. My boutique called to say that I am the top of the list but they have not recieved them yet! I guess they are shipping slowly, this is so painful! Congrats to all that already have theirs in hand and thanks for the drool worthy pics!
  8. I got a call this morning from my SA, but I think I'm going to pass on this one. I think I was only interested because of the "limited" factor, not because I'm in love with it. I already have a stunning Gold Speedy from the last Miroir release, so I'll let this one go to the next person on the list. I also have a new bag arriving from FedEx any day now :shame:.
  9. My SA called me and told me the bag was launched today and that he had one available for me. But due to my recent buys I had to pass. I'm sure they won't have a problem getting rid of it. Congrats to you ladies who did manage to get one! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. LV said they heve not recieve the bag here in starhill either. I wonder whats goin out?
  11. My gold Miroir Lockit is being shipped on Monday from Florida and with the 4th of July holiday I won't get the bag until Friday. What a long wait!

    Haven't received the call for my silver because it hasn't arrived yet!
  12. my store haven't received them yet, I called on Friday (yesterday) to ask my SA who wasn't there.... Hopefully they'll get it by Tuesday, otherwise I won't have time to pick it up 'til next weekend :cursing:

    EDIT:.... oh wait... lol..... today is ya, I called the day BEFORE yesterday LOL!
  13. OP have you had any luck getting hold of one?
  14. I'm soo jealous and soo anxious to get two!!! Arggghhhh!! Is there anyway I can still get it even though I'm not on the waitlist??????
  15. GOT IT!!! :yahoo: