It's just a Ferro Fever kind of season - oh my...

  1. So after having purchased the sloane and then putting in the request for the large veneta (update to those who are curious - they are still waiting for an answer), I fell in love on the spot with a Karung Ferro Knot Clutch (watersnake in interciatto) and had to pick it up on the spot. Apparently there were not many made so I really lucked out. It's evening so photos will be no good but I will definitely post some pics tomorrow. However, I could not wait to post about it because I was so excited, and again, nobody else can share my excitement like my friends online here on this forum. :tender:
  2. We here are definately more excited than DH at home. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see your photos.
  3. Wow lovely! Can't wait to see your pics! :yahoo:

    I saw your Sloane Ferro in the other thread and it looks awesome by the way! :heart:
  4. Wow, bitten by the Ferro bug, Bunkie? ;)

    Congratulations! Knot clutches are gorgeous and even more so in exotic leather!
  5. Congratulations, I'm sure this bag is a beauty. The ferro looked so much more alluring in the skins than nappa umbria! Can't wait to see your pics. BTW I too am waiting for an answer on a special order....why do they take so long!
  6. Knot clutches are amazing! Can't wait to see yours in ferro. Congratulations.
  7. Congrats Bunkie! I love love love this clutch! :love: I'm waiting patiently until October to order mine (in bronze). Can't wait to see your gorgeous pics. :heart:
  8. oh my I'm picturing this clutch with a little black dress and it would look just PERFECT.

    I can't wait for the pictures!!
  9. Congrats, Bunkie! Can't wait to see another of your beautiful Ferro items.
  10. Congrats Bunkie!!! Yes, it's definitely a Ferro Fever Season! This color is sooooo gorgeous that though I've done enough damage to my bank account already, I'm still thinking on getting some accessory in this color.

    Can't wait to see the pics!
  11. Wow, Bunkie! You have quite the ferro collection going. All you need is a pair of ferro ballet flats and you are all set! I love this color too, and am waiting patiently for you to report back when they tell you if your special order is approved! Congrats on the knot clutch! It is gorgeous!
  12. Sorry for taking so long - it has been a hectic day. I figured my usual jean ensemble would not do this bag justice so I slipped on a black dress for you all! I've also posted to the In Action thread.
    knot1.jpg knot2.jpg
  13. ^ Absolutely gorgeous, and I mean both you and the knot clutch. Could you post a close up of the knot?
  14. Wow, you look so chic, Bunkie! And the clutch looks gorgeous!
  15. for God's sake Bunkie!! What are u trying to do??!!!!!!! give each and everyone of us a heart attack!! :wtf:
    awwwww ur new purchase is STUNNING to say the very least!! :yahoo:and u look so elegant in that dress!! u go girl!! wear it in best of health.. and collect more!! :graucho: