it's JUNE ☀️ please show your summer finds here

  1. can't wait to see all the june treasures!
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  2. I got this new slg today! I'm loving it


  3. This little guy is my first arrival for June. I'm expecting two more items by FedEx before the night it over! IMG_1365.JPG
  4. Congrats. The color is lovely
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  5. So understated and elegant. I saw that color in person and it's beautiful!
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  6. This is a gorgeous color! Can't wait to see the other two items. What color is this may I ask?
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  7. omy! beautiful! is this lamb? or calf? can you please share where you purchased?
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  8. I'm obsessed with this color combo. I wish/hope that it came in a mini.
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  9. Just pick up some earrings and sunglasses! 20170531_235859.jpeg 20170601_000217.jpeg
  10. :yahoo::love::loveeyes::tup::hbeat:Ahhhhh! Huge Congratulations!!! Total STUNNER & I wish you many happy adventures together!!
    Can you please describe the color because i literally just bought this exact color yesterday (in reissue 226)from my SA at stand alone boutique. I fell in love w/ the color but I've only seen it via her text pics & description (which is a risk for me not seeing in person) She said it has lovely brown tones to it (i hope!)
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  11. Thank you everyone! I am absolutely in love. I'll have to check on the tag to see if there is a color listed, but I don't remember there being one. I would describe it as a pinkish, brown metallic calfskin. I'll have to get some shots in the sun and post them, as that's when the color really pops. @Kendie26 I think you will love it! If i didn't already have a pink caviar 225 I would have purchased one in this leather. @Rachel I asked and at least my SA said that it was coming in the WOC, the 225 and the 226. I specifically asked about the mini =(
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  12. Hi Kendie, can you tell me if this gold reissue you are expecting is quilted or the chevron? I am holding my breath for this one! Can you post pics when you get it? Thanks!
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  13. I saw that reissue comes in iridescent calfskin in both charcoal and gold on SAK's prefall list. I am wondering if this would be the charcoal version.
  14. If it's anything I would think it would be gold. It's definitely reminiscent of a rose gold
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  15. Hi Kendie, please share your thoughts and photos of this reissue beauty once you receive it, thanks:hugs:
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