It's July!! Let's see your awesome purchases!

  1. So excited to see what everyone picked up this month :biggrin:
  2. My first classic Chanel!! Classic Jumbo in black caviar with gold hw. Perfect timing because I work in corporate tax and yesterday was the end of my "busy season," which is also when I received this. The chain and everything were all wrapped up so completely brand new and untouched. My heart is dancing right now :heart::biggrin::nuts:

    Random follow-up question - on the tag it says "Rev," which is for revolving / classic collections. Is there any way to tell which season the caviar comes from? I checked out the 17P caviar a few months earlier and it looked a bit more plasticky, whereas this one feels softer.

    Chanel Jumbo.jpg
  3. My Chanel cardigan and please don't mind a few non-Chanel purchases. As you can see, my favorite color is black :giggle::love:

    IMG_8243.JPG IMG_8244.JPG IMG_8245.JPG
  4. the reissue 2.55 in medium size. so happy to get her on the first day of july!

  5. Waaaoooww great purchase... :smile: congrts dear.
  6. Scooped up this brooch... probably only one more and then hopefully I am done with brooches. Famous last words...

  7. My first zippy wallet from Chanel. I'm trying her out today. IMG_1499020643.250714.jpg
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  8. such a cutie!!
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  9. Wow, I love ️ this color!!
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  10. Bought in June but didn't get to post until now since I exchanged them for half a size bigger.
  11. One more!
    I got the card holder version! Love the color and chevron!
  12. What a bright, happy blue!
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  13. Sale find. I debated about these but ultimately went back for them on advise of kind tpfer.

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  14. So glad you went back....they are gorgeous. & look awesome on you!!! WOOHOO!:heart::happydance::love:
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  15. Congrats to you both!!! Your blues are so phenomenal. LOVE them both!:love::tup::loveeyes:
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