It's in my cart but i cant click buy

  1. I have a green and orange perfo cles in my elux cart and i just cant seem to be ale to buy them, what do you guys think.. i only really wants them bc theyre LE
  2. I would just choose one of them. Don't buy them unless you have a need for them. Choose the one that'll match your other LV.
  3. ^^^ ITA. i saw a green one today. it was so cute :smile:
  4. Aww, buy stuff because you love it, not just because it's LE!
  5. They're not THAT limited.....Elux has had these on their site for the last 18 months!!!! Just think of all the NEW fall stuff coming out......and then you would have wished you waited !!!!!!!! Hold off!!!!!!!!
  6. Even if they are LE, if you don't love them then there isn't any reason to purchase. I have the green perfo cles and I love it and use it often.
  7. I really love the perfo line and those two colors in particular, not a pinks person myself. Good point made by travel bliss, they've been out for a looooong time for an LE piece. But seriously only buy them if you think you'll use it and love it. But I do love it! It's a nice splash of color on a mono background and will look hot while coordinating w/ plain mono items. That's the way I like doing color, in small doses like that. I would probably get the orange, I mean green, mmmmm orange, green, lol, seriously I love them both, green, yeah green, I'd get the green, lol, but my first thought was orange, but I think I may like green more just a wee bit.
  8. I say buy them. You can always return them if you change your mind.
  9. If I were you I wouldn't buy it just because it's LE; if you don't like the item, then why consider buying it in the first place?
  10. oh i do like it i just am unsure of the necessity of it
  11. hmmm...I have come to this kind of crossroad before but have decided that I wil only purchase LV that I can admire and use at the same time.
  12. they are cute!!!
  13. I think you should hold off, and think about what you would really use it for
  14. you shouldn't buy them unless you love them...
  15. I have the pink one and I love it! Maybe you should pick 1 and go for it!