it's here!!!

  1. well, almost... the post man came to drop of my new-to-me noe, and i FRIGGIN' MISSED HIM:push: !!!! i came home from school a few minutes later than usual, since i was told to expect it to arrive between the 24th and 30th, so it's early:nuts:, and just my luck, i MISSED IT!!! they left me a note saying that i could pick it up tomorrow, so i'll be posting pics as soon as i can! i'm still so excited!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats....can't wait to see it! I hate missing the mailman!
  3. yeah!!! you should be glad they leave you a note instead of just drop the package at ur door step...., congratz!
  4. whoooohhooooo can't wait for you to get it!
  5. YAY! Can't wait to share in your excitement!
  6. Congrats!! Looking forward to seeing pics.
  7. Congrats! Can't wait to see!
  8. Good luck trying to sleep tonight...

    I remember when I got a note saying that I could pick up my black Suhali Cles the next day, I could NOT sleep. :p
  9. congrats....remember to share your photo
    if you don't mind,,,,please model for us
  10. woo-hoo! You will love it!
  11. :nuts: Excited for ya!!
  12. excited for you girlie..def post pics!!
  13. :roflmfao: i know the feeling!
  14. of course!
  15. Anticipating pics!