It's Here!!

  1. I don't know why I held off on buying an MJ bag for so long, I really don't. :love:

    I love the size, the color- it's such a great bag.
    Pictures 007.jpg Pictures 008.jpg Pictures 009.jpg Pictures 011.jpg Pictures 012.jpg Pictures 013.jpg Pictures 014.jpg Pictures 015.jpg Pictures 016.jpg Pictures 017.jpg
  2. Should I have it authenticated?
  3. wow, that's one red handbag you got. Congrats on your purchase! It's very summer color :flowers:
  4. That's fantastic! Did they have that at NM? What color is that?
  5. Oh la la!! Beautiful! Not sure about the authenticating, but there are some very knowledgable ladies on here who I am sure would be able to help ya there!!
  6. I bought it off of EBay- Elongreach helped authenticate the auction for me. It's tomato red.
  7. Janos614: i think it is authentic. :smile: btw, does this have feet at its base? enjoy your bag and welcome to the mj club! i looove mj bags for the thick rich leather. *drool*
  8. There aren't feet on the base. Should there be? I'm hopelessly clueless about MJ- I've seen the bags in person, tried them on, etc. but I've taken far more time to learn about LV than I have about MJ.
  9. It's so yummy! Love the red on that.
    I think it's real, everything looks good to me. And there shouldn't be feet on the bottom if it's the small MP which is what it looks like to me!

    Great purchase!
  10. That's good to know- this one's definitely a small, but it can fit so much!
  11. Oh wait, I'm confused. Did you get only the red, or did you get the Amethyst also? both are great colors!
  12. janos614: oh, i was just curious which size you got. :smile: i think the small mp is perfect size for everyday use. =D thanks for your many pics! it's nice to see everyone's mj esp. since no store here where i live sells it. :sad:
  13. congrats. Not only is your bag beautiful it's also real :love: :flowers:
  14. Love the color of your new MP! Congrats
  15. Congrats! Stunning color! Your MP's the real deal. =)