It's here!

  1. My white Sienna with the gold whipstitch made it home - the one I won off of eBay. She is absolutely beautiful. :nuts: The pictures didn't do her justice at all - and I am very impressed and happy with her. At first after I clicked BIN - I was a bit concerned if I would really like the gold whipstitch but once I saw her - I fell in love! :love: She's gorgeous. I sprayed her down last night with a couple of coats of leather protector and I decided to move all my items from the Chanel I was using to this new Kooba. I'll have to take pics this weekend - I'm at work now but just wanted to thank you all for the chit chat and answering all my questions. :yahoo:

    My DH was even impressed and said that out of all my purses, he likes this one the best. :wtf: Better than my Chanel?! LOL.

    Now .. keeping fingers crossed .. lets see if I can use it without scuffing it all up!
  2. Congrat! Can't wait for pics.
  3. Congrats! Looking forward to the pics! :tup:
  4. Yay!! Enjoy that beauty.

    Looking forward to your pics! :yahoo:
  5. Siennas ARE great, aren't they??? Congratulations on yours!
  6. Oh, I always thought the Sienna's with the gold whips were gorgeous!
    Unique & a bit rarer, also.

    Please do post pics when you get a chance!
  7. So happy you love it!!

    We're all waiting for the photos..(even hubby loved it, must be good:smile:)
  8. :crybaby: I couldn't get my camera to work for some reason so posting pics will have to wait until I can figure out what's wrong with it.

    I'm still loving it. BUT .. I decided to get a black Sloane for my everyday work bag - I'm having a hard time not worrying about my bag at work. I work at an Auto Mechanic shop - in the office but still .. I'm worried about something happening to the white color - I would be so upset if one of the mechanics was messing around and even got ONE oil mark on it :boxing:

    But she's just sooo pretty - I can't stop looking at her -

    I should be getting the sloane in the next couple of days so hopefully I'll be posting pics of both soon!
  9. Hi Peeking Around,

    I'm not one for "matchy matchy" things, but when I saw this on Bluefly - I thought of your Kooba Sienna.

    They are Jana Feifer white whipstitch leather 'Wendy' wedges.
    Retail value: $170.00
    Reduced to: $67.99

  10. ^^Awesome find...I am such a sucker for matching shoes and handbags!!