It's here!!

  1. UPS man has just been an delivered my new handbag! It is lovley and is the colour that Chaz posted a pic of!!

  2. Oooh, that's lovely. Congratulations :yahoo:
  3. Good news! Glad you're pleased with it. Modelling pics would be great when you get a chance.
  4. i wouldn't know how to do i just upload it like i did the picture above?

    Its really soft. it didn't come with a dust bag or care card is that mornal for an outlet???
  5. They must still be running low on dustbags. I didn't get one with my Joni just before Christmas and they said to call up in January and they'd send me one. I guess there's still a shortage if you didn't get sent one.

    I didn't get a care card with the Joni either although I did with all my previous outlet purchases.

  6. You need to hit 'go advanced' and it will bring up a box where you can browse the pics in your PC. You will probably need to re-size them to make them smaller before posting them. Chaz is the expert & I think she posted instructions on here somewhere! I'm a complete hopeless case when it comes to technology & I've cracked it so it really isn't too tricky! GL.
  7. Evie!!! How fantastic!!!! Glad you love it!!! I need a full road test on that baby please!!!!!!

    And as for dustbag care card etc,I did nip v.breifly into Chesh Oaks Mulb shop,and they don't have any dustbags at the mo.If its darwin leather,if my memory serves me correctly it is,spray it with collinil,you really don't want to spoil that gorgeous color with rain damage!!!!

    I'll hunt out the thread and pull the post out and pop it on the end of here for you m'love!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome,you are now a fully fledged member of the Mulberry Madhouse!!!!

  8. Ok,found it,while I found it,what does everyone think of me quoting this in the photo ref thread???? So it does'nt disappear,and we can send other posters to it if need be??xx
  9. Good plan.
  10. sh*t,I can't remember where I found it now,what a kn*b head:push:
  11. Ok i am on the case an will do it shortly.

    its raining and i want to use it today but i am to scared!!!
  12. What a lovely, lovely handbag. What is the official name and color please? Just Gorgeous! Enjoy to the max!
  13. Great bag love this colour, don`t forget to spray it as they watermark so quickly.
  14. Its Alfie in Grey. It looks like it might water mark VV easy. I havn't got any spray so can'y use it today!:tdown::tdown:
  15. Congratulations and yes- spray it before taking it out in the rain!!