It's here...

  1. Got out of work just about on time. Went to pick it up. The one SA said "It's got a zipper!" :yes: Yes it does but it's the same size as the P bag. It's just smaller than I thought it would be and looked from the pictures (although Jessica's (?) photos of the one she got today looks to be the same size as mine but she's a tiny thing too so it looks better on her)... I took photos but my camera died mid-snap and the blicky thing doesn't take reg batteries like my old Sony Cybershot. So the batt is charging and I should be able to post pics in an hour or so. I took a picture of the bag next to my medium Carly. It's a little bigger (but not a ton) and there's no slouch to it so even though the drop is longer on the handles, it hits me a little higher than the Carly (right around my armpit). *sigh* It is SO cute and I want to love it but I am not sure. This is definitely regular purse-size. I can't even imagine how the small must be. I wish I knew someone local who has the large to see if it's worth considering. It just looks SO large on the people who have posted it. But then again the medium looked bigger... *bangs head on desk repeatedly*
  2. OMG Tanukiki, I've been waiting for you to post ! YEAH , can't wait for your pics!
    I said the same thing to the SA today, "is the small a child's size?"
  3. Maybe you should keep on the tags and wait until the large hits stores and see which you like better. You could always return it. AND when the heritage line comes out is around the time of the next PCE so there ya go! Can't wait to see pic though.
  4. Yay! You got it.................but it doesn't seem like you are happy about it at all. You could keep the tags on and put all of your stuff in it and look in the mirror that way. Then you would know if it fits everything, and if it looks like you want it to.

    Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Man,'re not catching a break with this bag are you? I agree, stick your stuff in there and look in the mirror for a bit to decide on what you want.
  6. Ash that is such a good idea. I really want this bag in large for the spring and summer as a diaper bag alternative. Does anyone know how much the large is ? I love the green but red and pink together is one of my fav combos ever esp with the khaki. Also becuase this is coated canvas does that mean it can be wiped clean ? also what is the bottom like ? thanks
  7. Sweetie, I'm so glad you got it! But you just don't sound jump-up-and-down excited.....

    Let's see some pics.... :sweatdrop:
  8. ^^^^The large is $358
  9. OH NO... Tell me you are kidding, After every thing you have been through. Listen I just found out that the heritage lily satchel in being done in Pink YES YES its true so you may want to consider this. The XL zip measures 13 x9 and looks like the lily bag. The SA in Las Vagas told me they watched the video and she even seen it in this color... YIPEE!!! I am for sure wanting on it. Just a tip for ya
  10. Hey, tanukiki, did you see nutz4purses's thread about the XL Lily Satchel in Heritage stripe? It's coming out in pink........maybe if the medium is too small, and the large is too you see what I'm saying:graucho: It's also a gorgeous bag.....
  11. Haha! I was just telling her about your thread! Jinx!
  12. No feet on the bottom, just leather on the four corners. My one concern, honestly, is the stripe down the front. It looks like it could start peeling off. The one I received today has a few spots where there is already missing color. If that makes sense. I wonder if the pink is going to peel off eventually???
  13. :wtf:I was thinking the SAME thing! I'm soo worried about that! And the corners wearing at the bottom.
  14. And I just posted in that thread. OK. I let the batt charge just enough to be able to d/l the pics. Let me put it back on to charge and size these things...
  15. Aw, Jenn. That is so sad. To have such anticipation for a bag you think you're going to love only to be very disappointed. Would the store be willing to order the large size for you (with PCE) and let you compare the two side-by-side to see which one you prefer (if either of them)?