It's here!!!

  1. My daughter (my official purse photog!) had a hard time getting a good shot because the light reflects off the patent so much, but here's my mahogany patent gallery tote. It was $278 (thanks Awesome Jones for trying to save me even more by telling me they are at some of the outlets now, but my outlet is 3 hours away so...), with a tag of $398 on the bag, so I'm very happy! Hopefully I'll feel a little better tomorrow and get to Macys to see if they still have the matching wristlet, and I have to get a ponytail scarf for it too. Thanks for looking!
  2. That is gorgeous!!! I'm not even a fan of patent and I love that bag! I think it's the color that got me :nuts: Enjoy! And I hope you find the matching wristlet!
  3. LOVE the color!!! CONGRATS!!!
  4. it is pretty in person.. i saw it at my outlets too, but it was too much for me. i hope you find the wristlet you want for it too!
  5. Great looking bag!!! Congrats. :smile:
  6. Thanks everyone. I was never a fan of the patent either, but there is something about this bag/color combo that works for me!!!
  7. Very pretty, congratulations !
  8. beautiful bag!!! ENJOY!!!!:nuts:
  9. I love the patent in mahogany!!! Congrats! :smile:
  10. OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Congrats! Beautiful bag. My friend got this bag in navy at the outlet in Osage Beach, MO. She loves it!
  12. Great bag! Love the color, enjoy!
  13. Congrats gorgeous bag!^-^
  14. YAY! Congrats on the great bag!
  15. Oh it is so beautiful! I'm also beyond elated that you got it so quickly and are happy with it. I like to see people get things that make them happy!