It's here!

  1. I took your advise and took my dog to the vet early (he has pancreatitis but the vet thinks he'll be okay even thought he's 13+). At 12:30, I heard the sound of either a FedEx truck or a UPS - it's pretty distinctive. The doorbell rang and there was my package!

    Out came the camera I borrowed yesterday from my son-in-law for the big event. I photographed it all along the way.

    I have to admit I was practically sick at my stomach. I have worried so much that perhaps I would not love the bag as much today as I did on Tues, and the thought of having a $7150 store credit instead of being taken off my credit card was giving me chills. I like to take a LONG time when I make a big decision and that was just not possible this time.

    I finally got up my nerve to open the box. I was surprised that the orange box was not larger - guess I'm used to seeing all those big Birkin boxes in tpf pictures. I stood and took a deep breath and opened the box. Another deep breath, and I opened the dust bag. I took out the bag and the relief I felt was tremendous - I LOVE IT!

    I took it upstairs to "play" in front of the mirror. Then I brought up my old faithful Vuitton and loaded her up. More play - had to go get my fur coats and try her with them as well. And then I had to get out my VERY small Hermes collection and do a "family picture".

    I tried to take some pictures of me wearing my wonderful new bag, but the lighting was not good so I'll have to wait and have my daughter or my son-in-law take them. I haven't told my daughter about this purchase yet - she'll probably have me locked up as I have already spent the price of two Kelly's on her this fall on clothes and jewelry. Oh well, it's only money and there is no point in having it if one can't have fun with it.

    Thank you all SO much for all your encouragement and for the knowledge that this forum provides. I would never have ventured into Hermes water without that knowledge.

    I just got off the phone - my SA form Wallstreet called to see how I liked it (I guess she was tracking the pkg and knew it was delivered). She (Linda) is a delight! If anyone is making a trip to NYC and wants service and time and courtesy, she will give you that and make your Hermes experience a wonderful one.

    Now if the sun will just come out (it's been POURING!), I'll take her for her first outing to the dry cleaners, the laundry and the grocery store. Ah, the glamour of my life!!!
    DCP_2911.jpg DCP_2912.jpg DCP_2914.jpg DCP_2915.jpg DCP_2916.jpg
  2. Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL.!!!! I LOVE it!!
  3. congratsssss:yahoo:
  4. Gorgeous bag, India! Glad you ended up happy with it!
  5. Use it in good health.
  6. Here are some more pictures!
    DCP_2917.jpg DCP_2918.jpg DCP_2931.jpg DCP_2932.jpg
  7. oh it is. more pics more pics!!!
  8. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the color - Cacoan is the darkest bittersweet chocolate ever. It has a bit of purple in it - almost like cordovan shoes. The color really changes with the light, from almost black to chocolate. I LOVE the Chevre de Coromandel! The grain is just beautiful and it has a wonderful luster. I'm a designer and I much prefer "broken color" to flat color (except with black), so this suits me perfectly.

    I'm in love!
  9. It is totally stunning! Oh, how exciting and I'm so glad you love it!!! Congratulations!

  10. oh yay!i am so happy you got it and love it as much as you did when you bought it! it's gorgeous! congrats and use it in good health!

    and yes, that hermes box looks teeny in the shipping box! lol
  11. It's gorgeous India. I'm glad that you're happy with the bag:heart:. Congrats and enjoy your H bag in good health:flowers:
  12. Great great great, India :flowers:. Absolutely no regrets, right? This bag is sooo you. Please, enjoy it in great health and spirits :smile:
  13. that is such a lovely color and I love chevre! great find!
  14. Thank you, ladies. NO regrets (I will when the AmEx bill arrives, though!). The Kelly is absolutely the right bag for me. I like classic, timeless things with just a bit of formality and then I knock them down a notch or two by putting them with something more casual. It has worked for me in decorating and it works with clothes and bags, too. I adore the Birkin but it is much too heavy for an old lady and I must have a shoulder strap.

    I asked my SA about ordering a longer strap so I could sometimes wear it messanger-bag style and she said we could try - would most likely take a year. That's fine with me - I may pursue this after the first of the year.
  15. WooHoo!! Congratulations & hoping the rain stops so you can use it all over the place.