It's here!

  1. And I am SO mad at the girls in my office. they played a REALLY mean trick on me! I don't have time to talk about it in detail now but I will later tonight...
  2. Can't wait to hear your story...and see pics!!
  3. Pics!!!!! Pics!!!!!!!!
  4. PICS!!! I noticed that this bag is not on the Japan site anymore!
  5. it sure isnt on the website - first thing i looked for - :teehee:
  6. I'm sorry I haven't posted pics. My camera's batteries were dead! I was taking pics last night of some of my other bags I might put on eBay to pay for this bad boy. They're charging now so hopefully i'll get pics up first thing tomorrow!
  7. you like to keep things secret lol I can't wait to see this on you!!!!!!!!!!
  8. No no. Really I want to post some pics! I love this bag with the small exception I wish the bottom was not envelope-like and a little more duffle-like. But it is VERY beautiful!
  9. omg isn't it, my soon to be MIL loves it!!!! BUT-- today @ the outlet the SA thought it was a FAKE!!!! :wtf: oh believe me I set her straight!!!
  10. Can't wait to see pics!

    That is pretty wild that she thought it was fake! I suppose it's bound to happen when us PF gals are buying bags that haven't even made it to the stores yet!
  11. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? :wtf: How in the world did she even say anything like that (even if she thought it was)???

    No pics yet. I'm evil. Actually blame my camera. was going to take some with my cellphone at least but I've lost the reader for that card :cursing:
  12. Niiice! Can't wait to see pics!!! So what's your story you had to tell us from yesterday? About the girls in your office?
  13. Well I can tell you that even if I cant post pics yet (they'll be up by tomorrow night - I promise). So they all know I am expecting the bag. I'm checking periodically but I have a busy days of patients so I can only check periodically. Finally at about 2:20 I see that it was delivered at 1:49 - yeah! So I go to the office manager's office (she receives all of the FedEx and DHL packages). The door is closed- doh! She's conducting interviews. *pace pace pace* Finally about 3:30, I have a break between patients and she's done so she brings the box in my office and says "I think you might want this" and leaves. I should have known they'd do something. When I first got there, she related a story about one of the office girls and her new Coach purse. They thought it was funny that she wouldn't put it on the floor. So when she went to another part of the office they hid it from her. Now back to yesterday...
    I admire the box (and the security tape on it which appeared intact). I lift it up and think "wow- this is heavier than I thought it would be." I cut open the tape and unwrap the Coach paper. Inside is a somewhat unattractive brown purse. I think :wtf:"they shipped the wrong bag!" I look at the shipping invoice and it has the correct bag on it. The office manager comes into my office and says "Is that even a Coach purse?" and I think "no it's not!". I look inside and it has a wallet and a car insurance card - it's not even a new bag! I am thinking "OMG! The FedEx guy pulled a switcheroo!" :cursing:and I am about to pick up the phone and biatch someone out when she starts laughing and says "do you want your real bag?" *SIGH*!!!! While I was with patients, they opened the tape, switched out the bag with someone who worked in the office, and then re-glued the tape. They got me good!!! I was getting ready to get buck-wild on the phone with FedEx and Coach......:shame:
  14. LOL that is too funny!!! :roflmfao:
  15. LOL!!!! That's pretty good!!! I would probably just Well, I'm glad you got it!