It's here!

  1. My new baby venetia in petal pink! I love it & LOVE the hardware on it! The pushlocks are much larger than I had envisioned - I think they're fabulous! My very 1st Marc Jacobs Collection bag. Are all the pushlocks that big?
    Need to buy more!!

    Have a new calf classic tote in black on the way too - I'll post some pix of that when I get it since I haven't seen any here yet. Should be here tmo.
  2. Awww! I've always thought the Baby Ventia is too cute...congrats!!
  3. It's SOOOOO cute! Congratulations!
  4. Thanks guys!! It's adorable - too cute to stay home. Can't wait to carry it out tomorrow!
  5. That is too cute! Pink is my favorite color. :heart:
  6. LOOOOOVE it!
    And yes, the hardware is always that size on the classic bags; I think the hardware looks bigger on that bag because the bag is smaller.
    Enjoy it~ It's a beauty!!!

  7. Its absolutely "pocket" size!!! Too cute, and the hardware looks fantastic!
  8. It's really adorable! What a cutie!
  9. Sweet!:cutesy:
  10. LOVE it! So cute! congrats!
  11. Congrats!It's lovely!
  12. Aww!! Congrats!!! She's a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Cute bag!

    I am sure she looks perfect on your arm!!

  14. SO cute!