It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ding Dong

    OMG the doorbell my lockits here :yahoo::yahoo:
    she's in teh biggest box ever all taped up oh this is gonna take some getting into

    hehe it's like Christmas
  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! omg label i'm so excited for you, i will sit here until you open them and everything!!!!!

  3. open it... :wlae: open it... :wlae: open it... :wlae: open it... :wlae: open it... :wlae:
  4. LOL I am just as excited!!
  5. ok, well, i'm gonna go have a cigarette and stuff so i'll be back, hehe.
  6. wooooohooooo congrats :smile:
  7. It's open!!

    I had to be really careful because it was all taped and wrapped and I had to use a knife :sweatdrop:

    Here is the giant box!!

    Inside a smaller box

    And inside that MY MIROIR LOCKIT

    I am so happy I love it!!!!!
  8. ^^Congrats ..she is stunning:heart:
  9. congrats Label It's Gorgeous!!!!
    Modeling Pics Please!!!
  10. Model pic (sorry it's not the greatest)


    The family gather around to see the new arrival

  11. congrats!!! looks like you need a gold one to match:graucho:
  12. "Ding Dong" - isn't that the best noise ever? You look great with your new pride and joy, though I'd say the brilliance of that bag is almost overwhelmed by that enormous grin on your dial! :p

    Oh, and that silver Speedy with the pinky heart thingy (forget proper name) - gorgeous! I love the little pochettes down the front, too.. they look like gold and silver slabs!

  13. ssshhh I just talked myself out of the gold! (plus I'm pretty far down that list) but maybe a gold pap uuummmm
  14. Gorgeous Miroir family! Congrats.
  15. YEA!!!! Congrats!!! :dothewave: