it's here!!!!

  1. my medium gaucho from diabro arrived today and i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days shipping from japan to the uk, wow, that's fast!!! only problem is i want one in every colour now!!! anyway, does everything look ok with it??

  2. i know it's massive sorry, does it look authentic from what you can see?
  3. oh, it is lovely (and clearly authentic too)!! I love the Gaucho and I love it in white!!
    Congratulations!!! How long before you get another? :graucho::nuts:
  4. The white gaucho is fabulous!:tup: Congrats!
  5. Beautiful! congrats!

  6. oh god, i fear i'm going to have a newfoundd addiction!!!
  7. i was soooo worried it might be fake after the thread on diablo selling a fake bag. especially since mine was £600 and they are £825 on the dior uk site.

    i absolutley love it, she's gorgeous. i keep perching her in my line of site so i can see her at all times!!! i want another one. NOW!!!!!
  8. I knew you would love your baby :heart:!!! isnt she fantastic :nuts::drool: big hugs and grats ! :yahoo:
  9. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! so glad everything went smoothly for you elljay! have you worn her out yet? :nuts::graucho:

    and i'm afraid it's true, your addiction has definitely set in now... all the PFers who own a gaucho seem to have them in doubles (or more!!) soon after.. it's quite impossible to resist really... :p
  10. So pretty-- congrats!
  11. gorgeous babe!!!
    congrats :yahoo:
  12. Pretty! Congratultions.
  13. congratz:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  14. congrats!! your new bag is very beautiful!
  15. congrats!!