It's Here!

  1. My New Ergo Scarf Print Bag has arrived. I like it. It's very pretty. I don't usually do fabric bags so I'm going to have to get used to it but I can already see that it will be a very nice spring bag....cute!


  2. i love it! i want that and the matching wristlet sooo badly! congrats :smile:
  3. Heres another photo...

    I think I want the wristlet too now and also a matching It's really cute. It's different from what I'd normally buy and that's why I purchased it. I usually stay away from fabrics, whites and prints. I'm branching out....a

  4. Cute! I have the scarf. I have been wondering about the purse though. I bought the previous scarf print (with the blues, tans, and browns).
  5. B-E-A-Utiful!!
  6. Very pretty! Congratulations!
  7. Very nice!! How about a modeling pic so we can see how it looks on?
  8. gah!! i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are too lucky!!
    its totally adroable!
  9. Oh yes, I would love to see it modeled!
  10. I will model it for you later. It does give your a better perspective doesn't it? I'm not sure how to take a photo of myself while holding it. I guess I'd stand in front of the mirror?.... LOL. Forgive me...I've never done it before but I'll figure it out and get it up later this afternoon or early evening. I have to get out now.....:yes:. Thanks again ladies!
  11. Gorgeous pattern - congrats!!
  12. Very, very pretty. Congrats!
  13. I love it! You're right, it will make a great spring bag.
  14. Gorgeous!!!!!
  15. it's beautiful...i swear that's my next bag...although too bad we can't use the PCE on ergo. I want a wristlet badly!! i know it will look good in my camel ergo tote.