It's here...yippppeeee

  1. LV Nicosia Cyprus!!
    :yahoo: I'm thrilled! :yahoo:
    Can't wait to visit the boutique. It's only been open a few days but I will let you all know what I buy. Finally LV shopping whenever I feel like it! Hope you all enjoy the few (bad quality) pictures I took this morning. I'm so bad at picture taking....​
    Louis VuittonNic1.JPG Louis VuittonNic2.JPG Louis VuittonNicWindow.JPG Louis VuittonNicWindow2.JPG
  2. FABULOUS store!!
  3. LOVE the display! :drool:
  4. love the store! happy for you!!
  5. Great store. Looks about 5 times bigger as my local LV:amazed:. Congrats and happy shopping!!!
  6. How exciting! Have fun!
  7. Oo:huh:o the store looks GREAT!~
  8. im having an attack of the green eyed monster. lol. i dream of the day LV will open a store near me.:crybaby: . hope you have fun shopping there and find yourself a nice SA
  9. Very nice store. Congratulations to cyprus.
  10. beatiful display........ :smile:
  11. How exciting!! Thanks for the pics and enjoy the anytime LV shopping!!
  12. yay, that's cool. :yahoo:
  13. YAY! how exciting:biggrin:
  14. Beautiful store and awesome displays! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Ooo how exciting for you guys in there! have fun!!