It's Here!!! Violet Day with SGH + Eggplant Comparison

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  1. I think this bag has been my most anticipated Bbag to date. Of course it hasn't help that I've been waiting for it since May, and that when it finally showed up at the door on Thursday, I wasn't home to sign for it. Although my collection consists of mostly Firsts, I think the Day style really suits me well. I just :heart: this bag, and really like the SGH as well. The leather is also amazing. I couldn't be happier. :yahoo:

    I've tried to take some pictures, but have been having trouble capturing the true color of the bag. The first two pictures below are the most accurate that I could get so far in natural light. I'll try to take better pictures in natural light later on, and if they turn out well, I'll add them to this thread.

    I've also attached a comparision photo to my Eggplant First. Again, not the best lighting, but these colors are really similar with the Eggplant being slightly darker.

    Thanks for letting me share!!



    IMG_0445A.jpg IMG_0441A.jpg IMG_0430A.jpg
  2. Dear Amber

    You bag is superb - I was very tempted to get a Violet Day because I love them and thought that it would be great to see that colour in the soft draping style bag. However, I now have a Violet City and I love it.

    PS my real name is Amber (and I have a black fluffy cat like the one that I presume is yours? but mine is very much fatter).
  3. OH WOW!! The violet day sgh looks AWESOME!! the combo in day is breath taking!! congrats !!
  4. Oooh gorgeous!! I really think the leather on the violet looks better than the eggplant and it looks just stunning with GSH!
  5. i love the color. congrats.
  6. Finally a pic!! Please post more and modeling pics :yes::graucho: She's gorgeous!! Congrats!!!
  7. OMG OMG OMG!!! That is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!!!

    I have the same bag on its way to me! I've been on the waitlist since April!!!

    Mine was shipped out from BalNY this week and it STILL has not arrived! I didn't want to pay extra for express shipping, but maybe I should have....yours just whets my appetite for my own....LOL.

  8. I am loving the violet days!

    Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!

    I have called everywhere in the UK but still none yet. i hope i can find one soon.......
  9. Very pretty leather! I'd love to see a modeling pic. Congrats!:heart:
  10. Wow Amber, again this seasons leather seems to be so divine and your violet day is no exception. Between the combo of TDF leather, SGH and the awesome color...I can see why this has been such an anticpated addition to your bbag family. CONGRATS!!!
  11. It's so beautiful! Congrats!

    By the way, your kitty is adorable!
  12. WooooHoooo finally the first pictures of the Violet SGH Day!!!!! Congrat.'s!!!!!! I am sooo excited! I just got the call that mine is being shipped out on Mon. I will be counting the days til she gets here!!!!!! I love it- it is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!
  13. Absolutely stunning! Your Day is scrumptous with GSH! I'll be converting to GH soon-gorgous!!
  14. Oh wow she is amazing!!! Congrats on a beautiful bag!!
  15. Gorgeous!!! I don't know why but it seems some of the most specatular leather is often seen on day bags. Yours is beautiful!:tup: