ITS HERE!! the Sac FLANERIE has arrived!

  1. I will post pictures as soon as my husband gets home tonight (I'm blonde...don't know how to do all the steps!)..:rolleyes:

    Awhile back I posted about an auction for a Sac Flanerie bag that I had bid on thinking there was NO WAY I would actually win..but did. I had Mypoupette take a look at it..and they verifyed authenticity...which was a relief.

    I expected for the price to get a really tired and used bag..but it is amazing!!

    The areas on the inside that were described as "water stains"..washed right out with a damp cloth! The inside now looks incrediable. There are some water spots to the leather straps..but I can live with that (I'm going to try the baby wipe trick..see if I can even the patina out). The exerior Monogram Canvas is flawless. No scrapes or scuffs anywhere. I lucked out big time!:yes:

    Anyway...sorry to be so wordy..but I am just thrilled..and so excited. I've wanted a Sac Flanerie for so long..but never could afford the price. Now I have one!! and my bank account isn't dry!! YIPEE...:yahoo:

    pics will follow soon...
  2. Hey, a fellow Minnesotan! Congrats on getting such a great deal! :yahoo:

    Glad everything worked out so well...looking forward to the pics!
  3. Hey!! its great to see a fellow MN LV addict around here!!;)

    Nice to meet you :flowers:
  4. :nuts: This is great news:yes: Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. Here are Pictures of my Sac Flanerie..sorry for the size..I'm just now learning how to do this "technical" stuff..:nuts:

    Now I have to locate a LARGE dust bag to keep my new honey in...:yes:
    sacflan1.jpg sacflan2.jpg sacflan3.jpg
  6. Oh!! It is just beautiful!! I love seeing "IRL" pics like this even tho it makes me covet!
  7. Congrats.
  8. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  9. beaatiful :smile: congrats
  10. It's really great! Wear in it good health!:yahoo:
  11. ooooh! that bag looks awesome! never seen it kinda like a vertically elongated speedy to me.....AWESOME!
  12. Congrats! Love it!
  13. That's beautiful, I would love something like that, congrats on finding a good deal
  14. That's a beautiful bag- the GM is on my wish list! Congrats! :love:
  15. OH I love it!!! So awesome, gongrats!