It's here! The Mysterious "bowling" Boston Bag in Carminio

  1. I know I've been posting here and there asking about this bag, and I've finally made up my mind and ordered it from the boutique. I know there have been some people curious about this bag as well, so I have posted several photos to show you the shape/style. The name of the bag is I believe the Boston and its in this season's Carminio. I love it!
    c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg c4.jpg
  2. It is so cute! And I love the colour!
  3. I've never seen this bag IRL...but it's cute!
    Great choice bunkie! :tup:
  4. wow! I love it too! Great buy : )
  5. The bag is so cute! Congrats, Bunkie!
  6. hey bunkie, congratuations, that's a real score! it's a beauty and the perfect red too.

    couple of questions - do you know if it comes in a larger size and does it fit over your shoulder?
  7. Bunkie, I love it...the style, the color...I love it! Enjoy and wear in good health!
  8. aww, Bunkie, you did it!! such a lovely turtle, um, purse, and you look adorable with it!! I especially love the way the top along the zipper looks "tucked in". gotta add it in my wish list!! congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  9. And just when I thought the Montaigne was all that, here's another one to lust after.... great bag!
  10. This is one cute bag! And it certainly pops in Carmino. Seriously, that is one gorgeous red. A must have!!!
  11. And Bunkie, whatever diet/exercise/magic potion you're using, pls share. You look absolutely fantastic! :tup:
  12. That bag is adorable! And the color is just perfect. My next BV will definitely be Carmino!! Love your photos, thanks for sharing!
  13. BookerMoose, littlefab, BalenciagaLove1, uclaboi, armycandyaddict, LLANeedle, Mid-, mistikat, ms piggy and Leah - thanks for your kind comments! :love:

    Mid- yes, the zipper is that way because it opens up like a frame bag. It fits incredibly a lot - almost as much as what my large veneta carries!

    armycandyaddict - I don't know if it comes in a larger size, but this one is meant to be hand-carried. If you could manage to squeeze it under your shoulder, still the base would be too wide, as the bag is a dome-shape from the top.

    ms piggy - you are so sweet to notice my whole diet battle. It's been a long haul since those cabat pics, that's for sure. I guess just a lot of work stress, mixed in with eating less... but definitely I need to exercise more as it brings more energy! Thanks for noticing :greengrin: I also admire & envy your dainty feminine frame!
  14. Wow, Bunkie, yet another great addition to your lovely collection! I was so curious on what you were talking about and now we finally see the "Turtle" bag!
  15. Bunkie, you look gorgeous! :heart: the bag.. this is definitely my next BV.. must check it out soon! Do you know if it comes in any other colours?
    Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!