it's here! teal alyona! my camera still stinks!

  1. as some of you may know, my camera is L A M E. it keeps making my alyona this color:


    instead of this color, which is more or less a pretty good representation (perhaps a little too light). you know what, at this point, i can't even tell anymore:


    so i gave up on the stupid thing and tried taking pictures with my iphone, and it didn't turn out too bad. it's kind of dark and i couldn't quite capture the pretty blue contrast stitching, but i really shouldn't complain. what i should do instead is invest in a new camera and forgo the bag next time.


  2. Maybe it's me but I can't view your last picture. :confused1: Is there a chance you could repost it? I'm dying to see your new beauty!
  3. I can't view it either but I would LOVE to see it!
  4. really? that's strange. it's showing up on my end. hope it works now!
    teal alyona.jpg
  5. here's a super blurry picture taken with my camera. the quality is poor, but the color is pretty accurate.

  6. It's gorgeous! :drool: I love how it looks with the gold hardware. Congrats!!
  7. love your new teal alyona! congrats! what a gorgeous shade! and for some reason, I'm going to be thinking of the Statue of Liberty everytime I think of the Alyona :p
  8. Uh-oh ... a new lemming is born! I really love your new bag, especially in that color!
  9. its awesome kim - i really like it! hopefully ill get to see it in person this saturday :smile: your still coming, right?
  10. Major drooling all over the keyboard! It's gorgeous!!! :girlsigh: Congrats!!!!
  11. Beautiful color...beautiful bag. Congratulations!
  12. It's beautiful!!! Love it.
  13. OMG - I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I am really re-thinkinig that color. I need something in it asap. Congrats - it's a a beauty!:heart:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    When I first opened this thread I thought, what could the Statue of Liberty possibly have to do with your new bag?

    Congrats, truly a lovely bag! :tup:
  15. Great bag!