IT's HERE- something Purple!!

  1. After harrassing JChoo and the delivery company for a week, it finally arrived. Say hello to my little friend .. .:graucho:

    My new purple Mahala. the color is really subtle which I like and changes in the light. I took pictures with and without flash to show the color change.
    m4.jpg m1.jpg m2.jpg m3.jpg mahala (2).jpg
  2. Its absolutely gorgeous!!! Enjoy it!
  3. What a Gorgeous :nuts: bag lionlaw

    Congratulations and enjoy your new Beauty:yahoo:
  4. Lucky girl! :yahoo: That purple is a great fall color. Enjoy.
  5. Beautiful bag, lionlaw...I have been holding my breath waiting to see your pictures. Can you show some modeling pics with the bag? I would love to see it carried!!!
  6. I love your bag! It's beautiful!:woohoo:
  7. That colour is SO CLEVER!!!!:drool: Wow, my vote for best handbag colour of 2007. And so far the Mahala is my favorite JC bag. Superb combo. Congrats!:smile:
  8. Love the color....what a great bag for Fall/Winter! My favorite thing about the Mahala is the touch of's just such a great combination with the leather. :okay:
  9. beautiful!:nuts:love it.
  10. Classy and modern style, in a well-executed color.....well done. Enjoy, lionlaw!
  11. That is a fabulous purple! Not too garish and bright, not too dark; just perfect. Congrats!!!!!!!:drinkup:
  12. Love that bag! The purple is just right, and the Mahala is phenominal...congrats, it is a perfect combination!
  13. Gorgeous many congrats
  14. The Mahala is beautiful in purple! Congrats on a great new bag!
  15. Wow! That is GORGEOUS! What a rich color! Congrats and enjoy it!