it's here time ~~~

  1. [​IMG]
  2. i got the email too~ any scoop on what's on sale?
  3. Everything will probably be picked through by that time...
    I went today and the "presale" was pretty disappointing...nothing that I wanted.
  4. got the same email. I'm going to be out of town until the 5th. By the time I get back, it will be slim pickings so I might just skip out on this sale.:sad::push:
  5. Is the sale for the Gucci boutique or for
  6. ^the sale is at both the boutiques and online
  7. is that the same date for all Gucci boutiques {worldwide}?

    oh & those shoes in the pic are hot =9
  8. do they do presales online as well? or when will we know what will be on sale and prices and can order online
  9. Does anyone know when will post the sale items? 12:01 on the 5th? Anyone interested in staying up late again this year :graucho:
  10. i went to the presale, didnt find anything buttttt maybe i overlooked something!!

    im SO down to stay up all night! :smile:
  11. i'm praying that the wristlet I want is included......
  12. I agree, nothing really that great...:tdown:
  13. This question has probably been asked before but does post internationally? Also do you go to "shop online" through the USA link?
  14. On the link for the USA one, it says they only ship within the continental US. There are also links to shop online for other countries, but I think they all only ship to the country it is for.