It's HERE!! Safe and Sound!!

  1. Walked out to find a box sitting on my porch and it was my THEDA!!

    I'm sure you all read my rantings on the usps thread. Apparently it wasn't them, it was the seller, who sent it out parcel post instead of Priority Mail.

    But whatever.
    She's here and she was sooooo worth the wait.
    The pictures from the auction do the bag no justice at all.
    It's in MINT condition.
    Barely used.
    And I know that not everyone is a fan of Theda, but it's official: this is my FAVORITE LV bag to date.
    So much so that I may put the Speedy Cerises hunt on hold and track down one in mono canvas as well :love:

    Just in time for my birthday dinner tonight!
  2. OooHhh COnGrATs!!!! was it the MC theda??
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And I'm so glad that you got your lovely bag!
  4. Congrats!!! That bag is awesome. Happy Birthday!! Please post pics!!!
  5. Yes it was.
    I originally wanted a mono Theda, but this one popped up and the reserve was too low to pass up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]



    I'm so excited. Really, I've wanted this bag since 2004!
    It was totally worth selling two out of my collection to add this one instead.

    I took some interior pics as well, but they're still on my camera
  6. do they still make the theda?
  7. Congrat's,
    Glad your bag arrived safe and sound.
  8. I *think* they still do it in the MC, because it's on (then again, so are some of the cerises pieces which aren't available)
    They don't do it in the mono canvas anymore though.
  9. wow, it's a beauty, enjoy!
  10. It sure is beautiful :love: Congrats Stratsey! :yahoo:
  11. its gorgeous, congratulations, its a lovely bag.
  12. Congrats and Happy Birthday! It looks gorgeous!
  13. I love that bag in MC! Grrrrrrrrreat choice! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations! Gorgeous bag! Glad it arrived safe and sound! Enjoy her!
  15. Congrats! It's a beauty!