It’s here! Reveal!

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  1. Once again Tpf has done it again! While I used my recent promotion to justify this purchase, I was probably going to get it any way as soon as I could find one I probably won’t drag this out as I am too excited but here we go!

    Yay! A blue ribbon, at last!
  2. What do you know the item matches the box size for once, I always seem to get larger than nexcsssary

    The dead giveaway
  3. Boite Chapeau Souple!

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  4. Love it!!!
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  5. Oh!! Drool!!
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  6. Very beautiful!
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  7. I love it! Enjoy it. :smile:
  8. Gorgeous, congrats.
  9. I love it ! Congrats on your promotion! Wear it in good health
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  11. Such an exciting shape- what. Fun bag. Enjoy!
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  12. Gorgeous:heart: Congrats!
  13. Congratulations!
  14. I love this bag!!
  15. So cute! Love it, and congratulations on your new promotion
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