It's here!! *pics*

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  1. ooooh, briefly distracted by Irish's avatar! :love:
    I wanna know more about fitting an iphone . . .
    Open that wallet, lemme seeeeeee!

    I'm sorry you don't feel well. You think it's the flu? :hugs:
  2. Love your Goyard family! Gorgeous wallet ;) It has extra dividers than H Azap and LV zip wallet.
  3. I love your Goyard family! The Boeing is awesome. When you have time, can you post a bit about how much you can fit inside? I posted a thread asking about using a Boeing 45 as an everyday bag since I thought a 30 would be too small. Great luck about your strap arriving much sooner than expected!

    Your wallet is beautiful. How does the color compare to your Karo?

    I love the zipper pulls on the Goyard too!

    Your have wonderful taste and I love your reveals so far so I'm going to have to keep on the lookout for your next purchases!:biggrin:

    Congrats and I hope you and DH feel better soon
  4. I know, Irish's avatar is gorgeous! hehe

    I haven't put my things inside my wallet yet - but I will today and will try to snap a pic or two. The wallet definitely has some heft to it. Not a wimpy feeling wallet at all.

    Ugh - my stomach feels better and I can tolerate food, but it still "hurts". No headache though anymore - so that is good news!

    Irish thinks something I picked up at the hospital or stress related. Just so darn tired.
  5. Thank you!! and YES it does have extra dividers - I have an Azap also. This goyard is also thicker than an Azap. I'll take a pic ....

    But the extra dividers aren't attached at the bottom - so I think that is why my iPhone fits inside!!
  6. Thank you so much!! I have a picture with my bolide orange and karo orange so you can see the difference. I took one as soon as it arrived because another tPFer is trying to decide on the ORANGE color.

    I think that 30 is going to be plenty big for everyday. My intention was to have a hardy, durable bag for our winters here (lots of snow and slush) and I didn't want to have to baby it. And I play tennis and want to be able to put my extra shoes, socks, whatever inside. I think I will have tons of room.

    The inside is very nice - different lining than the St. Louis and it has pockets on the inside.

    I also love the outside pocket it has on ONE side.

    I can't wait to get the strap this week - that truly was a bit of luck. I think I was meant to have this bag!!

    And thanks for your compliments! I really like to try more of the quirky or unusual bags. I think they stay instyle forever and I can get my $$$ out of them!! And I also really like the fact that if I have something unusual - nobody else will have it. Makes it kind of special :biggrin:
  7. Two pictures of my orange wallet with the orange bolide in clemence leather and orange Karo GM in chevre, Azap in vermillion.

    This picture was taken with a flash and as you can see the Goyard orange is a bit darker than the Hermes orange.


    Attached Files:

  8. LOVE the family! Each color just pops, next to each other!:nuts:
  9. vibrant Goyard colors you got there, congrats!
  10. You got a matching strap? WOW! Can I ask how much it costs? I'm very curious how you will wear the Boeing with the strap, and which part of the bag you will attach the strap to. Post pics soon!
  11. Thanks! I really want a fun color for spring - like white or yellow in a GM!! But that can wait for now. Long winter ahead ...

    YES! Can you believe it?? They didn't have one in when I called and I thought I was going to have to order it and wait. But my SA called the other day and they received one with the shipment they got in on Friday!! YAY I think $400. But really worth it. I had a strap with my damier speedy 30 and loved it.
  12. I think these pics of Anna are fabulous!!

  13. ^thanks, good reference. I do the same with my Boeing 45 when it gets really heavy as a carry on(since I put all my valuable accessories in it and never check it in flights), but I use a Le Pliage webbed least it's brown, hehehe...
  14. :heart: the boeing! your collection is gorgeous!!
  15. Love your Bolide and Karo! I love the Karos.

    Thanks for the info on you bag -- I actually asked about a Boeing 45 b/c I play tennis too and want something I don't have to baby, but has room for either my kids' gear or mine! I'll def be looking at this one closer. I think the navy bag is a great choice.

    Enjoy your purchases and I hope you and your DH are on the mend.

    I'll be looking out for your future posts as I love your taste!
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