It's here!! *pics*

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  1. Congrats on your new pieces! The blue Boeing is TDF!
  2. Amazing collection!! I love the Boeing... i'm considering the 45... but i have to put myself on a ban... i love the blue.... very chic!
  3. very nice!
  4. Love it! Your Goyards are stunning!
  5. Congratulations! They are gorgeous!
  6. I absolutely love all your pieces! The orange wallet is so much fun. I love bright wallets because then they are easy to find in your bag.
  7. I now see how I should funnel my stress in life.:P

    GORGEOUS Maxter!! Congrats on both pieces. The boeing is fabulous and the color of the wallet's so yummy!
  8. Ohh I love it looks fantastic! Well done nice pick
  9. Thank you so much everyone. I think I have a touch of the flu today, but I will get up some more pics soon.

    The orange is a bit different than Hermes orange, and I can take a comparison pic with my orange bolide.

    Also, the wallet has a bit of "heft" to it. It is a bit larger than my BV zippy, and a little thicker than a Hermes azap. And, I can fit my iphone in the Goyard zippy, which is really a big plus!
  10. Wow, I did not know these were coming! You are supposed to text me when you reveal lol!
    Great choices!
  11. Long story, I need to keep you, Swanky and Beach Bum up to date with my purchases!
  12. Drools..............congrats!:smile:
  13. Congrats maxter - it's a gorgeous boeing! Love the navy colour...everything about it is so pretty.:heart:

    Btw, hope your husband feels better soon!

    r15324: Still one of my wishlist bags (I only have two - boeing 30 and another BTH) but unfortunately I live in Canada with no access to Goyard :sad: and I won't pay for shipping. My sister was suppose to go on a trip to San Fransisco during the summer and pick up a Goyard for me but she didn't end up going on her trip. Maybe next year??? Crossing my fingers.
  14. Hope you feel better soon, maxter.
  15. Lovely Goyard family!!!:smile:
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