IT'S HERE-PICS of new Natural Giant Hobo

  1. This one was a surprise. My Mom called and said they sent Gregie. I told her no, Greige doesn't come in GH. So I went and got the bag, brought it home and took out my natural City bag. They are very different. The Hobo with GH is darker and even a different shade. It reminds me of a marriage between Greige and Natural. Is this a good thing? Maybe, I haven't decided. It has a little more gray tones where the City is more clearly ivory looking.

    Here are some pics. You decide. I took them in sun, shade, and with flash to show the difference in all lighting.


  2. [​IMG]
  3. The coloring does look different, but both are pretty. I love the hobo style. Enjoy!
  4. I had a Naturel Work but found it to be too delicate for me...but I really love that color!

    I love them both!
  5. The new GH is seriously about 2-3 shades darker. Weird? I've never seen that much color difference in a light colored bag.
  6. Whatever it is its gorge!

    Enjoy - I am drooling here!
  7. I love the darker shade!!
  8. I noticed that a bit about Aquamarine GH and Classic hardwares too. And I don't know if I'm just losing it or what but even my French Blue and Blueberry seem to have changed colors.

    The leather is so yummy on both! :drool:
  9. oh wow! they look like two different colors, especially in the sunlight! but that is not to say one is better than the other. :smile: both shades are gorgeous!
  10. wow.... i LOVE it girl.... it looks "warmer" in GH
  11. Both are so pretty!
  12. Wowowow! So gorgeous!
  13. hmmm....somehow I'm not liking the hobo in the darker shade. I think it looks much better if it's whitish, JMHO
  14. LOVE IT! I see what your saying though. In your first post the 3rd pic looks the same but the rest do look darker.
  15. I think I agree. My Mom doesn't like it at all and I'm trying to decide if I do.