It's Here! PICS: MAM Night Blue

  1. Got it from Luna Boston for 20% off.

    I LOVE this bag. Ordered rain protection spray today. Can't wait til it gets here so I can use it.

    No modeling pics right now, I am sick and look too gross to be on camera lol. One of the best parts about this bag is that it sort of turns a different color in different lights and next to different shirts.

  2. [​IMG]


  3. cute! congratulations!
  4. abolutely YUMMY!! Mine is coming tomorow or Friday, same color. I am dying to pet it!!
    In the meantime, I will gaze at your pics! Thanks for posting them.

    I dont see alot of people with this color MA or MAM, is it just not as popular? I think its divine.
  5. This is my first RM, so I don't know if it's popular or not, but I fell in love with it while browsing the current colors I saw on sale. It was my first choice!

    I wanted something that would go with a lot, but wasn't black.
  6. Gorgeous! I may just have to swtich to an MAM from the Nikki I'm wishing for in this colour.
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. I love it! Blue is my favorite color for handbags.
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:This color is just :drool:
    Congrat's and enjoy!!!
  10. Beautiful!
    This isn't similar to Balenciaga's ink color by any chance, is it?
  11. Yum!
  12. Congrats Fendi!!! I love this color, and you're right - it does look different with varied lighting and backgrounds. It's different but not too loud.

    miniblue, I believe Bal ink is darker.
  13. love this color, I've got a nikki coming in same color, it's beautiful.
  14. Very Nice! Congrats on a great bag. :woohoo:
    Hope you feel better soon.