It's HERE! (Pic)

  1. My coinpurse wristlet came early and totally surprised me - tracking said she wouldn't be here until Friday. I love my new Coach find! May this be the first of many Legacy items I collect girls, you have helped me to become addicted :nuts:

  2. gorgeous! congrats!
  3. Cute! I'm jealous!
  4. So pretty and unique! Congrats! :smile:
  5. I love that wristlet - congrats!
  6. Thank you girls, I love it, it is so cute!!
  7. So cute!! Congrats
  8. SO PRETTTY.......enjoy it!!!
    i just ordered one of the last (i think), legacy stripe wristlets.....the regular SA in calif helped me track it down in another state
    i'm thrilled as i am loving the assessories so much for this line
    so i'm glad you were able to get it!!!!!
  9. oh my that is so cute! congrats on such a great purchase.
  10. gorgeous, congrats!
  11. cheekers,

    I have this coin purse & i love it! you will too.
  12. Very pretty!! COngrats!
  13. I want one!!!
  14. Congratulations, I love that one but wasn't able to get it myself. Enjoy it!
  15. Thanks girls. My only problem with it is that now I am afraid of using it. I don't want to ruin it LOL!