It's here!! My vintage Mulberry bag...

  1. Bought this lovely lilac Roger Saul designed bag off eBay from a fellow tPF-er. :smile: Finally got it today, it's my second Mulberry. It's so unique. Will post more pics when i get my camera back. But have posted a pic here from the auction so you'll know what it looks like. I hope you don't mind me stealing one of your pics Claudia, I just had to share.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, what a gorgeous colour. Congrats.
  3. :tup:Thats different - l really love the colour
  4. That is beautiful!!! Well done!!! I have seen this sellers things before and seems absolutely legit.
  5. Classic old school Mulberry - timeless !!!
  6. Lovely colour and a great shape. Congratulations!
  7. oooh trevor, fab colour! was the eBay seller 'the chocolateboutique'? I love looking at her photos, theyre so nicely taken!
  8. That bag looks fab, and the whole photo is gorgeous too!
  9. Beautiful bag. The color looks wonderful. Congrats!
  10. thank you everyone, i'm really happy with my bag. can't wait to use it.

    and yes, hulahoop, i got it from thechocolateboutique. a great seller, i think she's a good and legit source for vintage mulberry bags.
  11. Oh wow, didn't realise you were a TPF'er..I don't mind you using the pic at all glad you love the bag and it arrived safely....Roger Saul designed a few different styles in that type of leather, in pale yellow, black, turquoise & lilac all with those gorgeous chunky silver buckles....that is only the second lilac one (and the first in that style) I've come across so quite a rarity.

    Thanks gals for saying nice things about my pics, I just love photographing the bags, almost like paying a mini homage to each one to show its beauty :love:. Sooo glad I've found this forum, so nice to know I'm not the only Mulberryholic around :yahoo: