It's Here! My RM Morning After Mini!

  1. Next time I pay for expedited shipping and that's final.

    I got my RM Morning After Mini today. I was at lunch in my office with the door closed. I heard the UPS guy announce his presence and I yanked the door open to find him getting ready to knock on my office door. He knows I was expecting this. All week I kept asking him when he was bringing my box...

    Anyhoo. Here she is. I think she is gorgeous.
    bAG 004.jpg bAG 001.jpg
  2. Great bag! :tup:
  3. MissTiss is your bag the dark grey?? I love it!
  4. Oops, just read the rest of your post! Duh...sorry. I got all excited just seeing your pics I payed no attention to the words below.
  5. I do that too. No worries. She's really lovely. I can't wait to take her out and carry her with me. Gotta research ways to water proof her. It's been raining a lot here in Florida.
  6. gorgeous she is! ;)
  7. Miss Tiss, Don't you just love her.

    I so glad that you got yours. :yahoo:FANTASTIC BAG!!!
  8. Oh wow that is know with all the talk about the Morning After, I have been contemplating whether or not I should add it to my list! They look like wonderful bags!
  9. Beautiful bag! Congratulations! I hope to add a grey bag to my collection on Monday...according to UPS, lol
  10. really great bag! What color is it exactly ? If its looks navy/dark dark green on my monitor and I'm curious to know the real color ?
  11. Love the bag, congratulations!
  12. It's dark grey...but even that doesn't always tell you the color. It's somewhere between black and regular grey with bluish undertones...just a bit. According to Wikepedia it is "cool grey" LOL! I looked it up. Oddly blue and green casts will create "cool grey". So it makes sense you would see those colors too. Depends on computer settings I guess. It reminds me of a rhinocerous. But that's just me :p and probaby waaaaay off the mark.

    What would you say JARMOM. You are good at this....
  13. Yes it is! You gotta post pics too! And do a better job than I did describing the color....I am no good at that sort of thing. Looks like rhino grey to me. HA!
  14. It's beautiful on trend yet classic! :tup::yahoo:Love the hardware in silver vs brass. I carry my navy mini all the time. I trying to decide between a dark grey mini or mini green next. Let's see if I can score anything from the sample sale.

    My almond mini is out of commision due to rain spotting. Looks awful.:tdown: So I sprayed my blue navy with Apple Guard Protectant. I hung my purse from a broom between two chairs and sprayed from approximately 10" away. I let it dry an hour then resprayed and let dry. I used a white dust free dry cloth to wipe down the hardware.
  15. It is a great bag! Congrats- really like the color.