ITS HERE - My Rare Find !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I just got this :graucho:

  2. What is it!!!!!!!!!????????????????
  3. What is It???????:confused1: Looks real fun though!!
  4. Claire, you are not allowed to guess :p
  5. showwwwwwww itttttttttttttt
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Dogfish keyholder !!!
  8. Yes you are correct ayla !! :flowers:

    ~ Louis Vuitton Dogfish 6 key Holder from Mens S/S 2008 show !!! ~

  9. Yay congrats, rare find indeed !

    PS I am sorry for spoiling your stripping.. I was just too excited ! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Very interesting looking! Great job on the rare find!
  11. haha its totally ok, it shows you know your LV lol :tup:
  12. [​IMG]

  13. Hey congrats...a beautiful "exotic" touch to your collection!
    use it in the best of health!
    are you going to use it or leave as part of your collection? Is it fragile?
    As I see it I love more and more the rare leathers! Ahhh
  14. congrats on your rare find!!!!!
  15. Hi, Thanks !!, IDK, I think I may use it once in a while. Its not that fragile but the leather is very very soft. :tup: