ITS HERE!!! My new NY/Paris EXPANDABLE Jumbo Flap in Cream!

  1. This is from the older Expandable line!
    The NY/Paris Expandable Jumbo Flap in Cream Vintage leather. I still can't believe its here!! I've been wanting this bag for soooo long!
    Now all I the Jumbo Flap in Bronze and I will be a very happy camper, indeed!
    NYParis 004.jpg NYParis 005.jpg NYParis 006.jpg NYParis 007.jpg
  2. Congrats!! It's a very beautiful bag in a very beautiful color!!
  3. Wow. That is beautiful!
  4. Wow, what a find!! Congratulations on your gorgeous new bag, would love to see a modeling pic :smile:

  5. J,
    it is beautiful.....
  6. Congratulations :yahoo:
  7. congrats....

    just watch out for the "caving"...
  8. I love it****:drool: BTW How much is that bag right now?
  9. Thanx guys, its soooo dreamy!!!

    :heart: :drool:
  10. love it-- beautiful bag
  11. I don't know the retail of this bag, but I did pay 2800.00 for it!
  12. congrats! it's very pretty!
  13. Wow, KeyKey. What a great score.

    I had looked everywhere for this bag and eventually gave it. It's beautiful and I love it in that color.

  14. Hi Keykey
    ohh..i wanted that too...did u purchase from the stores or boutique??
    Do u mind telling me where u got this??? Thks

    I'm looking for this for a long time..
  15. I have this exact bag -- LOVE IT!!!!