It's here.. my new Chocolate Signature Gallery Tote (pics)

  1. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo in love :heart: with this bag! :girlsigh::wlae:

    I was so excited when it was delivered today I switched out my purse at work, couldn't even wait until I got home. :hysteric:

    I think the pinks scarf I picked up this weekend at the outlet goes nicely with the bag.
  2. I just bought this bag at the outlet today at such a good deal! (I will be posting pics later) I am going to be getting the new lilac ponytail scarf to match the interior of the bag to tie on it. I love it! Such a great bag.
  3. looks GREAT!!!
  4. Chocolate..yum yum...beautiful purse!
  5. May I ask how much you got it for?:smile:
  6. I think the pink scarf looks great on this gallery tote....Congrats its a great bag!
  7. It is a cute bag. I received it for Christmas but I really wanted a Carly so I exchanged it for one. I hope to buy one at the outlet in another month or so. Love the pink scarf with it so cute.
  8. My scarf looks a little sloppy but I was so anxious, I need to lear how to make it look a little more chic, lol.
  9. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!!! I am loving this bag more and more every time I see it!!! Can you post some modelling pics???!!! PLEASE???!!!!
  10. Beautiful bag! congrat's and enjoy.
  11. I will post some tomorrow, I PROMISE!
  12. I'm holding you to that!!!! I'll be waiting!!!!! LOL CONGRATS again, the bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It was $130 plus 5% tax. I HAD to get it! Ban or no ban lol I had a gift card so it didn't really matter.
  14. Adorable!
  15. Beautiful!!! Love the bag w/the scarf too - great combo.