It's here MY MIRAGE NOIR!!!!

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  1. She arrived today and she is perfect!!!:yahoo: and soooooooo pretty. I think she will be my favorite LV!

    I am going to post some modeling pics later (I am in the lounge wear lol)

    The pictures really do not do this bag justice
    DSC02063.JPG DSC02068.JPG DSC02064.JPG
  2. Love it! I think this bag is stunning!
  3. Congrats! This speedy is gorgeous.
  4. WHERE were you able to find that ???
    lucky you !! its so pretty!
  5. I *love* this bag. It is so beautiful!!!
  6. Thanks :smile:

    I actually found it on Let-Trade and I looked it over IRL and there are no scratches at all it is like it just stepped off the shelf lol
  7. :love:
  8. Stunning!!
  9. Congrats, I am way in love with my Mirage as well! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats!!! She's amazingly gorgeous!!! :love:
  11. i still think the Mirage Speedy is the best Speedy they've done so far. congrats! :okay:
  12. Enjoy it in good health!
  13. i want one so bad!!! lucky you, shes gorgeousssssss!!!!
  14. That is a gorgeous speedy. I WISH they would make this specific bag part of the permanent line. God, it's beautiful!!
  15. My favorite bag! I was wondering who bought the one on let-trade! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!