It's Here !!!! My Lovely Cup !!!!

  1. And I'm SO happy with here :woohoo: :yahoo::love:
    Ur 1.JPG Ur 2.JPG Ur 3.JPG Ur 4.JPG Ur 5.JPG
  2. I'm lovin' the fleur at the bottom and the blues on the watch!

    Congrats on the new timepiece!
  3. congrats! love it!
  4. congrats! love it!
  5. OMG, its stunning!! Congrats
  6. That is stunning! Congrats!
  7. amazing, congrats!
  8. Wow!! :nuts: I'm speechless.

    What a gem! It's so stunning. Love it. :drool:
  9. OMG it's soo gorgeous!!! :tup:

  10. fantastic! i like your artisanal looking ring too :yes:

    I love the mother of pearl x chrono combination!!!!
    envy you!

  12. wow.. thats awesome
  13. :amazed:OOOOHHH!!! It's a dream!!!!!
    Congrats, and enjoy it!
    You'll receive a lot of compliments!!!:yes:
  14. Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats!
  15. ooh it's stunning! great watch, congratulations!