It's Here - My Killer Chocolate Bubble Shopper

  1. Here she is girls! It arrived just now, from BG.
    She came in a plain white storage bag and NO tags at all? - BUT, she was 55% off - no tax & free shipping! I've checked her over from top to bottom and she is in perfect condition. :yes:
    DSC07817.JPG DSC07818.JPG
  2. Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!
  3. Congrats! :yahoo:Super Bubblicious! :graucho:

    Darn, I wish I could snag one at those prices...:crybaby: Have yet to see this bag IRL, but I sure would like to...:upsidedown:
  4. Sweet! Awesome deal too!
  5. I LOVE that bag! Been drooling over the black one since it came out...
    Lucky you! Congrats and enjoy it!
  6. I saw the black version in person and I really liked it. The chocolate color looks really nice in the pics. You got a great bargain!
  7. Wow, that was quick!! I'm glad the bag's in good condition! Enjoy!!
  8. Love this bag in super yummy chocolate.......and what a brilliant deal
  9. So cute! Congrats.
  10. Wow what a sweet deal! Lucky girl! Congratulation pursesuader!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Modeling pics please!:yes:
  11. Wow, how does it feel?
  12. Congrats! Glad you got a great deal too!
  13. What a great deal....enjoy your new bag....
  14. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!
    She's my new fav!
    I just need to get her the proper storage bag - the no tag/card issue isn't a big deal!
  15. She looks SOOO soft! Congrats!