ITS HERE! My Groom Cles....but....


Oct 11, 2006
:yahoo:So it came today. Gorgeous but I did notice a little nick in the back on the yellow it might happen on its own....but i feel kinda bad that i never used it and it has ths tiny mark...i mean its SOOOOO small. But it will probably always bother me....idk if i should call and send it back (then i wont have it for christmas) or just live with it. idk...I just got it i hate to part with it. :shrugs:


too cute!! how much do these retail for.. and also how much longer are they available for? I think I should get one soon before they're gone! well done, and merry christmas! If the little nick really bothers you, then definantely exchange it, but dont expect the new one to be perfect either, like the other PFer whose cles wasnt perfect everytime she exchanged it.. goodluck!
newaddiction:::::i just ordered mine on eluxury sunday night...i think they are still available on there. they retail $200 if you type in GOLD as a code theres free shipping. (or if you call 1866vuitton they always offer me free ground shipping anyways)

and yeah im just gonna keep it. remember that girl that gor hers and it had like a nick in the face...thats much worse. lol. my mom said if it was something that could hapen with normal use dont worry about it. plus i looked at it while i was at the store today and i pretty much had to squint to see i guess itll be alright.
Congratulations! If it bothers you, take it back... from the sounds of it, I think you should take it back because it's obviously bothering you. Even if they refuse to do an exchange, at least you tried.
ehh its a pain in the butt. id haveto send it cause i got it from eluxury and the closest LV to me is like 3.5 hrs in NY and i doubt my bf wants to drive me all the way there for a $200 cles....allllthough....while we were there we could pick up some extra things. hes a sucker for seeing things in person...if were there and i love it, i get it. :graucho:

but you probably cant even return something to LV that you got on eluxury. im sure they keep those sales sepertate.