Its Here! My Georgeous 04' Turquoise City!!!

  1. I cant even describe how beautiful she is:love: Pics dont even show justice, Its TDF!!:heart:
    DSC03627.JPG DSC03628.JPG
  2. Congrats! It's lovely!;)
  3. Oooo:huh:ooo - pretty purse!! :love:
  4. wuhoooo yayyyyy kim.....:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: So Beautiful!
  6. The color looks so cool:heart:
  7. Wow so beautiful!!
  8. Congrats ranskimmie!! You got your dream bag yay!!
  9. So can you tell the difference now in leather?!! :smile: it's so pretty!
  10. congrats! it is soooo pretty!
  11. beautiful! its such a soft color...
  12. I have that color in a twiggy, and it's gorgeous.
  13. Possibly the most beautiful bag I have seen...what a great color!!
  14. Thank you everyone!! This color is by far one of the most beautiul Balenciaga colors I have ever seen. Even more beautiful in person!
  15. ITS GORGEOUS!!!! Seriously, that is one of the most beautiful balenciga colors ever! I am so happy for you!!! Congratulations!