Its here!! My first MAM in Night Blue (pics)

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  1. MY MAM is here, and she is beautiful, the color is so rich and the leather so yummy.
    Love the hardware. Now I want one in every color.
  2. And a couple more:


  3. aww~ she is gorgeous! congrats! i love how the night blue has such textured leather~ looks real smooshy!
  4. Congrats Samia! I have seen this IRL and i have to say its definately one of the smooshiest RM leather around! Great choice!
  5. Yay we are bag twins!!! Congrats isn't she just beautiful!!! I've had mine for almost a month now I think and I just love her. I faithfully stuff her soft smooshy leather every night to keep her looking her best. : )
  6. What a gorgeous color. Congrats!
  7. Congrats! The bag looks really gorgeous and soft!
  8. Thanks all, it truly is a great bag!
  9. congrats samia! i know you've been waiting for this bag for awhile now... she's beautiful! her leather looks TDF. :drool:
  10. HEY!!! where did you get that from I am looking for that EXACT bag and can't find it anywhere. PLEASE!!!
  11. Congrats, Samia!

    I have this bag and I love it! Those are great pictures; they capture the color and the texture really well. I know when I bought mine there weren't many good photos to look at online, and it was hard to tell what it would look like IRL. But you've captured it beautifully for anyone who's considering the Night Blue MAM! I've gotten a lot of compliments on mine, and I know you will, too!
  12. WOW that bag is absolutely amazing! I LOVE the color! TDF!! Congrats! :tup:
  13. Revolve Clothing. It was the last one in this color, but I think I saw it on another site this morning, I will check it for you.
  14. There are some at Muse Ten, but I refuse to pay full price with all these discounts flying around :sad:

    Lovely bag Samia--i am very jealous!
  15. If anyone knows where I can find this let me know!