Its Here!!! My Fawn Epi Petit Noe!!

  1. And its even better than the pics! It really truly is brand spanking new - looks like it came straight from the store!! Also pictured is my new mini Papillon Pochette to keep inside - also brand new - wow I'm in LV heaven!!!
  2. Oh, that mini Pap is too cute :love:
    Congrats on your new family members!
  3. Isn't it adorable - fits great inside especially since the Epi has no pockets - perfect combo!
  4. Very pretty...the mini pap is adorable!
  5. very pretty!!
  6. congrats!
  7. The Noe looks great, and the mini Papillion is adorable!
  8. Your Petit Noe doesn't have pockets??

    It's so odd cause I've seen some with it and some without. I have two aunts w/ the exact same bag. They got them together, one of theirs has a pocket, the other doesn't. It's so weirrd.
  9. As far as I know - they don't have pockets. Perhaps the large Noe does??
  10. Fawn is my fave epi color- and it looks great on the Noe! Enjoy that beautiful bag!
  11. Lori, I just love that color. Could you take a pic of yourself with it on you? I was looking at the Mandarin Petit Noe and didn't know how it would actually look on someone.
  12. There are some petit noes that were made w/ a zipped pocket. Maybe they're just harder to find?

    One of my aunt has that same bag but her's doesn't have the pocket, my other one does. It's weird lol. And I know that it's real cause they both bought it from the same SA, which is my cousin lol
  13. loriw, your fawn noe just wowed me away!! she's a beauty!! I LOVE the petit noe in epi and this fawn color is simply stunning!!! great buy!!! i wish i had the courage to buy something from ebay.
  14. SO pretty! great buy.
  15. I never noticed that difference w/the pocket, even though I just bought one with a pocket.

    It looks like the older petit model had some epi just around the inside as well as the zippered pocket. I tried to find the date of the change on my poupette, but didn't see any info. The one that I have is from 2002.