It's Here!! My F/w '07 Steel Sgh Work

  1. IT'S HERE: MY STEEL SGH WORK.:yahoo:. I :heart: IT!


    Foto0073.jpg Foto0080.jpg
  2. very nice! the SGH makes a nice contrast.
  3. More Pics


    Foto0079.jpg Foto0082.jpg
  4. More
    Foto0081.jpg Foto0087.jpg
  5. wow...congrats..what a nice combination :heart:
  6. :huh:Oh... pretty.. congrats.. :woohoo:
  7. beautiful! the gh goes really well with the color!
  8. Very pretty congrats!
  9. [​IMG]
    YUMMY YUMMY! Pretty color!! Love the work!
  10. I think that I am starting to really the GSH. I love the combination of steel and silver!!!
  11. The color combo is really classy!!

  12. Congrats! Look at that beautiful leather!
  13. The plomb and the SGH look fabulous together - enjoy!
  14. Oooh, purty! :tup:
  15. GORGEOUS!!!!:nuts: I love this combo!!!:love::love::love: :yahoo::heart:Congrats!!!!!:heart: :yahoo: