It's here !!!My Dark Silver Reissue!!! :)

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  1. I got it today and it is the most wonderful bag i've ever seen....:nuts:...i can't stop :drool: :drool: since i opened the box!!:girlsigh: Here it is for you all ladies,let me introduce you my HUUUGE Dark Silver Reissue :heart:
    Not sure about the size (maybe a 227), it retailed 1790 euro :p:flowers:
    Hpim1188.jpg Hpim1189.jpg Hpim1190.jpg Hpim1191.jpg Hpim1192.jpg
  2. Oh stef, it is glorious

    WOW, you lucky lucky girl, you must be delighted with her.

  3. A stupid question is the zippered pocket under the flap supposed to be used??:shame::shame::flowers:
    Hpim1193.jpg Hpim1194.jpg Hpim1195.jpg Hpim1196.jpg

  4. Thanx my friend!!!:heart::heart: But i've seen you have some other wonderful "reasons" to be delighted with!!! :nuts: :graucho: :girlsigh:
  5. stefyp - congrats on your new dark silver reissue!

    If you look at the style code on the box you should be able to tell exactly what size it is.

    I think when Chanel had designed it for herself back then she had used that pocket to hold love letters. How romantic! Personally - I don't use that pocket at all, but it makes me smile thinking about the history behind it. :biggrin:
  6. Congrats my friend makes me want to come over from the orange side....:upsidedown:
  7. ITs beautiful!!! You have have bought some GREAT bags lately!! :smile:
  8. Stef, wow!!!! Gorgeous bag!!
  9. Thanx a lot Jade!!This is the most romantic thing i've ever heard....thanx for sharing it with me!!:heart:

    Hey my friend!!!I'm soooo happy to hear from you!!!Let's keep in touch!!:yes::p

    Thanx a lot ray of light!!:shame::shame:I'm happy you like them :flowers: I only miss your white Baby Cabas though...:sad: :lol:
  10. Stefyp this is a fabulous bag:nuts: !Lucky you got to find one !Congrats!:tup:
    From the price I guess it's the 226,the 227 was over 1900 Euros pre-price increase!It should read on the box after the A...serial number but I can't see it clearly on my monitor!:smile:

  11. Wow!!!I'm happy to see sooo many of my PF dearest friends come here to say sweet things!!!:shame::heart:
  12. Thanx ladies for your help!!!I found it!!! It's a 227!!!:yes::yahoo::heart: I think i got a wonderful deal because a friend of mine purchased this for 1790 euro (still have the price tag) and never used decided to sell it for the same price and here it is!!!:nuts::nuts:
    So,how much would it be now???:angel:
  13. You're double lucky then !!I think 1940 Euros if the price hasn't gone up already!;)
  14. It's perfect Stef!!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!! Post a modelling pic!!!!
    Good things go to good people!!!
  15. GAH! It's divine, gorgeous and perfect!!! Is this the same size as the Jumbo?
    We definitely need some modeling pics!:biggrin: