Its here!!! My Craigslist ~Legacy Stripe French Purse~!!!!

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  1. i adore this wallet so much! it's so pretty, congrats!
  2. Beautiful!!! Congrats :smile:
  3. Wow, congrats!
  4. You got the exact stripe order that I wanted. Anddd at an awesome price.
    You are so lucky, congrats!
  5. Gorgeous!:drool: I want one my self!!
  6. Okay - after seeing yours, I broke down and called Coach. I have to have one!!! I can't get it for PCE because it's not available for 1 or 2 more weeks (wasn't it supposed to be this week?)....... Anyway, at least I'll have it in my hands and that'll make me a happy girl!
  7. Wow, you must have found the one authentic coach on craigslist!

    I love the legacy stripe, so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it. Congrats on your find :smile:
  8. Very cool kidlearner!! I'm so happy for you. Its even better in person. Can't wait til' you have yours too!!:yahoo:
  9. its adorable and such a great buy!!!
    i'm glad you love it!!