It's Here..........mono Rivets Are In Stock!!

  1. Ok so I was on the waitlist (launch date of 2/15) for the mono rivets pochette $675 at the Bev Center and they called me today to say they came in early! They wanted to release them in time for VDAY, so call your local boutique!! They did a charge hold on mine but I told her that I had changed my mind - so they are doing a reverse on my transaction. I decided that $675 for a pochette is crazy to pay and I would much rather have a bigger purse. So if anyone wants one, call them cuz mine's up for grabs!!
  2. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Which boutique? I'm supposed to be getting one from NYC Saks- but I think I'm on the KOP list.

  4. what is KOP??
  5. Sorry-King of Prussia-it's in Pennsylvania.
  6. well you can always call Bev Center and have it shipped then call those other stores to cancel tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the info! And yeah that's pretty pricey for a seems like a LOT of their pieces were a bit overpriced this season :push:
  8. Valley Fair has them too.