It's here! Meet my 'Kelly'

  1. Wanted to share pictures of my Kelly bag that came today! :yahoo: This was my reward for surviving a boss that almost gave me a nervous breakdown, moving to another company, and getting through very extensive and difficult training. :woohoo:

    So here she is.....


  2. :yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:

    Sounds like you really deserve a new bag!

    I love Kelly bags--great choice!!! Your pup is adorable too!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Perfect reasons to get a new bag! Your little doggie is darling too!
  5. Gorgeous. I love it. Enjoy!
  6. Congrats! love your new "kelly" bag!:yes:
  7. Well deserved! What a classy and girly bag, I love it :tup:
  8. very classy, congrat on the new job, I feel you on that one , hahhaha. Oh thats a good reason for my new Chanel! cute doogie
  9. LOVES IT!


    Your pup is a total cutie pie!!!!
  10. Oh my. Lovely bag and the pup is adorable. I am a total Chanel and doggy lover. T4P
  11. i love this bag it's gorgeous, what a classic! is this bag still available for sale or is this vintage?
  12. i love this bag it's gorgeous, what a classic! is this bag available for sale, and if so, where do i get one :biggrin:
  13. that is an awesome bag! very classy!!

    your dog is it a westie?
  14. Oh cute doggie...beautiful bag! Congrats and enjoy. Wish you the best at your new job.:yes:
  15. Very pretty.....Love it~