ITS HERE!! Large White Patent Ergo Hobo!

  1. Wow! To everyone who told me patent is TDF in real life, are you ever right:nuts:!! Another great e-bay find for $158!! Shes all ready for :heart:Valentines Day:heart:!!
    Or any othe ocassion for that matter. :okay:
    Ebay Pics 764.jpg Ebay Pics 765.jpg Ebay Pics 766.jpg Ebay Pics 767.jpg
  2. Oh my goodness that bag looks awesome! I'm not even a fan of white bags, but that is just gorgeous. I love the patent, and the scarf/charms look really great. I hope Coach comes out w/more ergo totes in patent - its a great style for patent. Congratulations and enjoy wearing it!!
  3. It's very cute!
  4. wowowow.. talking about sexxxyyy :tender:

    Congrats Kimmie.... for a beautiful bag and an amazing deal!!! I really love the red lip charm against the white.. so so freaking cute :p
  5. :nuts::drool::drool::drool::nuts:
    I am in LOVE with patent right now!!
  6. I really wanted that bag. :yes: Its gorgeous! I'm really liking the patent leather too!
  7. Kimmie you are such a great bag photographer :drool: your bag porn is the hottest!

  8. :lol:...Makes ya wonder about my past ey?? LOL! JK!!
  9. :sneaky: yyeeeeeesssss....... :graucho:
  10. Your bag looks amazing!

  11. What a great find!! She's lovely and definitely ready for Valentine's. Congratullations.
  12. looooove itt!!! gosh, so many coach girls are WONDERFUL at dressing up their bags!!! that bag looks delicious with the charms & scarf- good job hehe & congrats!! :smile:
  13. I love it! The white patent is very pretty and she looks so cute and festive all dressed up!
  14. OMG!!! What a steal! I love that bag! Congrats
  15. Thanks everyone!! Patent is so cool! You girls are total enablers.....haha, I love it!!:yahoo: