It's Here...its Here...

  1. I just bought this bag from one of the MPRS early this week. Well, this morning someone buzz me at 7 in the morning. I was like :wtf: who the heck is that person buzz me at 7 while i was sleeping ( i went to bed at 4 am), kinda annoying you know...and he said there is a package from singapore for me:yahoo: yay....its pochette marelle...

    Oh btw, before I share the pics, it has a lil bit strange smell, not kind of mothball, something else, dunno what is it. Is that ok for me to spray febreze inside the bag?

    Anyway, here is the pics of me with my new baby:graucho: ( i prefer wear it as a shoulder bag and clutch rather than wear it around my waist)
    CIMG1078.JPG CIMG1075.JPG CIMG1071.JPG
  2. You look beautiful with your bag!
  3. It's gorgeous:love: Great modeling it.
  4. congrats! it looks cute!
  5. You and your bag look FAB. Congrats.
  6. Very nice! You look beautiful, love the top! I love it best as a clutch too. I forget what you do to take a smell from a bag, but perhaps in the most frequently asked questions thread that they recently added? maybe some info will be there.
  7. Thank you everyone :p
  8. Congrats. Beautiful
  9. I love this bag!
  10. congrats and it looks great on you.
  11. Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    It looks really nice on you. :yes:
  12. Congrats-it looks great!
  13. thanks :yes:. I remember someone asking before about the odor, but just scare that I will leave some watermarks inside the bag if i spray febreze too close. Well, i tried just then to spray the febreze to small towel, and wipe it all over interior of my bag....not much help. So, i put my chewing gum which has strong cherry mint smell inside. Hope it will make the smell gone :sweatdrop:
  14. Very nice! Congrats! :yes: